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My Favourite Beach Reads

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I have read and re-read so many books in the last year and a half. Like, a lot. Books — not e-books, actual books — have been a welcome respite from a year and a half’s worth of  Zoom, FaceTime, and just the overall emotions of the pandemic. But BC is opening up, things feel a little more “normal,” I’m back at the gym, and we’ve been spending a fair amount of time at the beach. So I thought I’d share some beach reads — books to make you smile and uplift you to help you find some spark on your fitness (or whatever) journey. Soak up the sun (or shade) and some inspiration with my favourite beach reads.

(You’ll probably note that there’s only one piece of fiction listed in this beach read list. I suppose I’m not really a fiction person… But if you have some recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!)

The Universe Has Your Back

Gabrielle Bernstein is such a welcome voice in a sea of what can sometimes be unrealistic nonsense in the self-help book genre. Gabby shares her experiences and attaches a mantra to each chapter to aid a mindset shift. She is just so with it and non-preachy — anyone who needs a lift should read this book.


The Alchemist

Possibly one of the most beautifully written books, ever, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho’s tells the story of an Andalusian shepherd boy on a quest for riches. Like many on such a journey, he finds abundance in many forms along the way. This is a tale of following your dreams, gut and heart that anyone can relate to.


You Are a Badass

For anyone trying to figure themselves out with career or whatever you need to sort out, Jen Sincero’s hilarious how-to gives solid advice on how to get out of your own way to live your best and most abundant life. Keep a notebook and be ready for some real talk with yourself.


Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing

In case you missed it, I am a big fan of crystals. It’s a little woo-woo for some, but crystals can raise your everyday vibration, keep you grounded in times of stress, and at their most superficial, they look so pretty. This book is a good introduction to crystals and good for anyone even just curious about them.


Big Magic

This one’s for anyone feeling a little too “inside the box” or feeling tentative about an idea. Be prepared for that box to open and for that idea to become reality. No joke. While we aren’t ever fully ready for anything, the bandaid is coming off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you — you can thank me later.


I’m so grateful that technology has kept my business going and kept me connected to the people I care about, but screen fatigue is a thing. And goodness knows I had moments this year where I really had to raise my vibration. This list is a reflection of that and I hope they give you as much insight, learning and encouragement as they have for me. As I constantly say, it’s all about mindset!

What are your favourite beach reads?



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