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Top tips to stay healthy this summer

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Helloooo, summer! It’s a time to relax, get outside, and enjoy time with favourite people. And maybe some bad habits sneak in… For me, the summer can be a bit of a battle of wanting to stay healthy but also want to have that extra drink (or three.) But I do believe we should give ourselves the space to indulge a little while the weather is nice. Life is too short not to! It’s all about balance, folks!

To help you stay on track as much as possible through the summer, (so that September isn’t *too* much of a shock) here are my top tips to stay healthy *ish* this season!

1. Hydrate with at least 64 ounces (two litres) of water a day. 

This sounds like a lot, but we sweat so much more in hotter temperatures. Water helps to keep your core temperature down during your workouts and general life activities. This helps you perform and recover better! How can you tell if you’re properly hydrated? Make sure your urine is pale yellow or clear to ensure you are hydrated.

A great way to keep up your water intake is to keep a water bottle at your side. I also drink a ton of La Croix sparkling water to mix it up! I’ve also shared some additional ways to stay hydrated here.

2. Eat at least three servings of fruit per day.

I’m not usually a fruit person, but there are so many in-season over the summer. Fruits are an easy way to sub in instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks. Make sure you’re choosing whole fruit instead of fruit juice. The fibre in the fruit helps to keep your blood sugar regulated and will keep you full for longer — which helps keep other cravings at bay. Fruits are also water-rich and can help you keep hydrated. 

3. Eat at least four vegetable servings per day.

If you’re trying to find ways to reduce calories in your day during the summer, vegetables are the way to do it! The basic formula for this is 1 cup raw/ ½ cup cooked = 1 serving. Non-starchy vegetables only contain 25 calories per serving, and about ½ a cup of starchy vegetables (potatoes, yams, etc) contains about 80 calories per serving. Salads are my go-to and I’ve shared one of my favourites here!

4. Avoid feeling “overstuffed”.

Slow down (and chew!) during meals and think about how you are feeling. I try to stop eating when I get about 70 percent full because it takes a while for the brain to catch up and register the body is nourished. Try this, wait a bit, and if you’re still hungry have another serving. Nine times out of 10 if I wait 20 minutes,  I am not hungry anymore. 

5. Try to substitute lower-calorie alcoholic drinks when possible.

We all know alcohol isn’t super great or hydrating for you, but how great is it to have a glass of wine on a patio with a sunset view? Remember to keep in mind that if you’re doing that more nights than not, the calories add up. This is the same for beer drinkers! Enjoy it, but if you’re holding weight around your waist that doesn’t seem to budge, this might be why. Sorry to be the no-fun police!

Some low-calorie substitutes that I love are vodka soda or gin and soda as they cut out a lot of sugar and carbs. And some great low-calorie drinks I like to take to the beach are White Claw seltzers (black cherry is so tasty!) NÜTRL in grapefruit. Give them a whirl!

6. Get your exercise in when you can!

Keep those walks and bike rides up as much as possible, especially when you don’t feel like being in the gym. (Low-impact cardio is still cardio!) The hardest part of fitness to get back is your cardio. So if you miss a strength workout here and there, don’t fear. But it only takes a week of no cardio to lose 50 percent of the mitochondria in your cells — this is the part that does the cellular respiration a.k.a. the cardio. 

Don’t leave it until September to get back on track! Enjoy your summer but try to adopt some habits to try to stay healthy throughout the rest of the summer. As always, I’m here to support you — please email me if you have any questions, and check out the blog for more tips to stay healthy!

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