β€œThe definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviors and expecting a different outcome.”
– Albert Einstein

My training method is designed to progressively transform what you know or think you know about your limitations and challenge your limits – one level at a time.

Whether you are a runner, spinner, or a complete beginner, we have a workout schedule that will work for you. From the moment you join our community, we want you to feel supported and challenged in a productive way.

All of the exercises in the JMF method have been carefully researched and thoughtfully tested to get you to your fitness goals no matter what level you are at.

Each exercise in each workout has a specific purpose; it either:

  1. encourages functional movement strength
  2. increases range of motion
  3. corrects muscle imbalances
  4. maximizes core strength
  5. provides cardiovascular conditioning

Detailed execution is the focus for every workout we teach, because form matters and will get you the best results. We believe that a workout is about more than just reps and posture. It is also about developing a workout schedule that works for you and your lifestyle.

Our goal for each of our clients is that they make it their goal to work up to 3-4 of our workouts per week to achieve a balanced workout schedule.

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