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The Power of Positive Affirmations

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What you think is what you are. One of the biggest barriers of self-improvement are the negative and self-critical thoughts we experience when trying something new. It’s a natural human tendency to be our own worst critic! When we’re confronted with a situation outside of our comfort zones it’s common to let insecurities take chare, which can easily threaten to …

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Starting your fitness journey — do this BEFORE working out

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Possibility: “a thing that can be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives.” Your fitness journey is about so much more than moving your body. It’s about possibilities. And possibilities come from knowing where you are now, in this present moment. And that’s where the fitness journey begins.  Start your fitness journey where you are now One of the …

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Stay hydrated with water-rich foods this summer

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It’s hot out there, and with that in mind, it’s so important to keep hydrated. While I previously posted about how to add more water to your day for better hydration, let’s face it, plain water can get a little boring. The good news is that there are other ways to keep hydrated. For example, by eating water-rich foods. *Fun …

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My Favourite Beach Reads

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I have read and re-read so many books in the last year and a half. Like, a lot. Books — not e-books, actual books — have been a welcome respite from a year and a half’s worth of  Zoom, FaceTime, and just the overall emotions of the pandemic. But BC is opening up, things feel a little more “normal,” I’m …