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How to: Tone your arms

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    Here we go. I’m about to give you a foolproof plan that I guarantee will give you toned, strong arms. If you follow these steps, your arms will 100% look like Michelle Obama’s, and you can call it a day!   I wish there was a simple formula that worked for everyone, but it’s not exactly that straightforward… …

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Abs Challenge Info

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I thought I would write a little blog post to hopefully give you a bit more info on why it is important to have strong abdominal muscles before you start this challenge. Beyond the aesthetic benefits of increased muscle tone in this area, strong abdominal muscles also generate strength, stability, and mobility needed to carry out everyday activities such as …

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Reached a Plateau? 6 Tips to Help Your Fitness Routine Level Up!

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One of the best things about my job is watching my clients’ fitness improve over time. They gain strength, flexibility and endurance, and it’s incredibly rewarding to watch my team put in the hard work to reach their goals. At every session with every single client, I build a personalised exercise selection based on their goals. Then, I choose the …

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Exercise Addiction — When a Healthy Habit Goes Sideways

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As some of you may know, I recently started doing a double workout on Sundays. I’ve been attending a high-intensity circuit training class or creating my own circuit at my studio then following it up by a SoulCycle session in Yaletown. This is not most people’s idea of a relaxing Sunday morning, but it’s been a great opportunity to challenge …