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Hi, I’m Jenna. So glad you’ve dropped in. Over the last two decades I’ve used personal training as a conduit to help women find power in their body and spirit. I fuse alternative methods, including mindset coaching and tarot readings, alongside my personalized strength training and fitness regimes.

In 2022, I was named one of Canada’s top fitness trainers, and I like to think that has a lot to do with my out-of-the-box thinking around health and wellness. I care deeply about the unique experiences and circumstances of my clients.

Whether you’re here to lose weight, increase your energy, feel more confident, hit a fitness goal, step back into the dating world, or increase your longevity — I’m here to guide you towards your next step and help you get *unstuck*. Way to take the first step!


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JennaMaye Fitness Canada's top trainer located in Vancouver, Kits. Strength and personal training for women.

Whatever your level, train with us to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals through a customized exercise program. Private, doubles, and small group sessions available.

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Frustrated or unsure of your next step? I get it. It can be hard to figure out where to start your fitness and health journey. No two lives have the same challenges — we'll look at your habits and responsibilities, then find resources to get out of a slump or through a transition. You deserve to live a life you love.


We’re all intuitive beings but sometimes life gets busy and it's hard to find the calm to truly tune in and listen. Let me create a safe space for you to explore your next steps using tools like visualization,  grounding rituals, tarot and meditation to help guide you.


We all go through life’s transitions — sometimes how we used to show up just isn’t second nature anymore. It’s important we cultivate the way we appear externally in the world matches our inner vibration. Sometimes all it takes is a cute jacket!

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"I started working out with Jenna 8 years ago. Jenna has a unique way of mixing up the workouts to keep it fresh and challenging, and after all this time she still pulls out exercises that I've never seen before.

Since working with Jenna, I've maintained a level of fitness that I never achieved before, which has in turn improved my family, social and work life.

I would recommend Jenna to anyone looking to take the first step in improving their lives."