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Crystals to Help Keep You Grounded in Times of Stress

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A key part of what keeps me balanced and is my collection of grounding crystals. When I first got into crystals, I was in London and kept walking by a crystal shop every day on my way to the Underground.

One day, I finally went in and asked the woman who ran the store how to pick a crystal. She said to me, “You don’t pick a crystal — it picks you.” I have found this to be eternally true throughout my journey, so keep this in mind as I share this with you. That being said, I find these are the top crystals for grounding that I recommend to my clients for when they are feeling “off,” and “drained of energy.”

Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian

Most black crystals are great for absorbing negative energy and act as a quick energy “reset.” If you’ve found yourself around someone with heavy energy recently these two crystals are fantastic to have around to help you get back to a lighter vibration. Keeping one of these in your pocket isn’t a bad idea these days to help you throughout your day. 

Place it on your forehead if you feel like you are overwhelmed or just having an “off” day.


Helps to release fears and insecurity and calms an overactive mind. This crystal is super cool because it is dull from some angles and sparkly from others. It’s supposed to help us believe in our inner magic. Who doesn’t want that?? 

Top Tip: Make sure you cleanse your grounding crystals before you use them. The easiest way to do this is by running them under the tap for a few minutes or keeping them in the sunlight.


This crystal is likely one all of you have seen. It is purple and sparkly and helps to bring calmness and mental clarity if you feel scattered or overwhelmed. It’s also the most useful crystal for overcoming addictions — it’s also a famous detoxifier if you find yourself hungover!

Blue Lace Agate

This crystal is amazingly calming and is good to help navigate stressful situations. It also is helpful for communication issues or if you’re having trouble being heard. (Fun fact: In yogic teachings, blue is the colour of the throat chakra, which links to communication.) I like to throw one of these in a bath or have it by my bedside. 

I hope this provides you with some extra tools for yourself as you navigate your fitness journey. If you’re curious to learn more about crystals and their healing properties, here is a book I love.

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