My top 4 pre-workout tips

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Get the most out of your workout by following these steps for success.

1. Eat

Eat 150-300 calories one to two hours before your session. Make it a combo of carbs for quick energy and a little protein to prevent muscle breakdown.

2. Drink

Drink 20 ounces of water but try to spread it out a few hours before you train. This will help to prevent muscle cramps and dizziness, and will help you perform better.

3. Think Positive

Enter your workout with a positive attitude. Perspective is everything. If you tell yourself you’re going to hate it, you will. Try to focus on the positives of your last workout and inspire yourself.

4. Warm Up

Warm up aerobically to help your tendons and muscles prep for the main part of your workout. Five to ten minutes is optimal.

Good luck!

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