Alcohol: Toxic Love at its Finest

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When I decided to start a blog, I put a lot of thought into the things I was going to write about and why they were relevant. I also put thought into what lens I would view these topics through.

Before you read any further, you must know that I am the last person to get up on the personal trainer high-horse and tell you that you shouldn’t drink. Those who know me would think I was the biggest hypocrite—I love a good night out as much as anyone else ;-). Most importantly, that’s not what this site is all about.
What I do want to do with all of my posts is offer some food for thought. Considering the time of year and that we are all probably trying our best to be healthy, it’s important to know why alcohol is bad for you and how it prevents you from losing weight.

As you probably already know, drinking any form of alcohol is a waste of calories. They are empty calories that don’t provide any nutritional value and can add up quickly. When talking about drinking with my clients, I always tell them that anytime I am trying to lose weight drinking is the first thing I cut out. It kills me because I’m single and the chances of me dying alone go up the less I go out but the fact of the matter is: cutting out alcohol makes you lose weight—really fast.

Why, you ask? I wont go super science dorky on you but the facts are here if you want them, and I have included a few more articles below for more info.

Basically, drinking is a double edged sword. Not only do you get the calories from consuming it, but it also actually slows down your body’s ability to burn fat and carbohydrates from food sources. The reason this occurs is that alcohol is a toxin, so when it is broken down your liver has to release special enzymes to rid your body of this toxin. These enzymes then use the alcohol as fuel for your body rather than using the other nutrients you have consumed throughout that day. The other nutrients then get stored as excess fat on your body because your body doesn’t need them for fuel. This enzyme does not go away overnight, so your body’s fat metabolism is compromised for longer than just the day you are drinking. This is why, if you go through a period of drinking very frequently, you will find your tolerance to alcohol goes up because your body becomes more efficient at metabolizing this toxin.

Those are the facts folks and my challenge for you is to try out 28 days sober in February to see what happens to your body from simply cutting out the booze for one month. I find when making lifestyle modifications, it’s good to go cold turkey, so that you can really understand how your body responds to these changes. That way, you can develop a way of maintaining your desired weight that best suits your lifestyle.


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  1. I’ve been 2 weeks “sober” and I lost the 5 pounds I gained over the holidays. It really does make a difference. Thanks for the information Jenna.

    1. Author

      Congrats! I’m starting sober Feb today! Glad you are finding the info helpful!

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