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Set your home gym up for success with my top equipment recommendations

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Well team, it’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter and wetter which means it’s less inspiring to work out. My DMs and emails are full of questions about how to effectively set up a home gym. So here it is! 

First things first: you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to work out at home. You can get a great workout by just using your bodyweight — however, if you are plan to work out at home long term and stay inspired, I encourage you to purchase some equipment. This will increase the variety of your workouts and add resistance, which will challenge your muscles as you get stronger. 

My top items for your home gym

  1. Resistance bands: A great low-cost option to add a ton of variety and challenge to your at-home workouts. I personally like SPRI bands and would purchase these resistances based on your level.
    • Beginner: Extra light,  Light, and Medium
    • Intermediate: Light, Medium and Heavy
    • Advanced: Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy
  2. Ankle or booty bands: Bands are great for targeting your glutes and legs. Choose a multi-pack that has various resistance so you have plenty of options! 
  3. Dumbbells: This is a bit more of a price commitment, but totally worth it if you’re serious about getting results and want to level up your at-home workouts. You’ll buy them once and never have to again. In an ideal world, you want a range of 5-20lbs at home. But if you don’t want to commit to a full set right away, choose based on your fitness level. 
    • Beginner: 5lb and 8lb
    • Intermediate: 8lb and 12lb
    • Advanced: 10lb and 15lb or 20lb
  4. BOSU ball: I can’t say enough good things about the BOSU Ball. It’s a great piece of equipment to own and use in place of a bench (you can find workouts on my YouTube). It’s such a versatile piece of equipment — you will never get bored. It’s also super easy to add cardio drills or uplevel any of your core routines! 
  5. Stability ball: The stability ball is amazing for making simple at-home workouts more advanced. (Note: These aren’t as versatile as the BOSU, so if you were to choose one over the other, I would choose the BOSU.) 
  6. Yoga mat: Not just for yoga, a mat is a versatile piece of equipment that helps with alignment, feeling grounded in your space — and is much nicer to stretch on than the cold floor or a towel. If you already have one, that’s one tick-mark on your list!

As for at-home cardio options, I suggest going for the quality version over the cheap version. In this arena, it’s a ‘get what you pay for’ game.

My cardio equipment recommendations

  1. Keiser bike 
  2. Bowflex Max
  3. Peloton products: These products are very well designed! I know many people who own them and love them. If you’re worried about cost, their financing makes it super accessible. 

There you have it folks! Feel free to message me on Instagram at any time with questions. I’d also love to see your home gyms, so be sure to tag me @jennamayefitness in your posts and stories.

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