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The Basics of Nutrition: How to meal prep like a champ

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So you want to meal prep. It’s definitely not a habit that comes overnight. Don’t worry if you feel like a fish out of water at first — we all do when we’re trying to learn a new skill. That’s why I’ve made my meal plans as easy as possible. The goal is to empower you to eat healthier by doing the prep ahead of time, so your week is seamless! 

Get started with the right mindset

Just like anything else in my programs, mindset is everything. If you dread it, it will be awful. But if you embrace it, put a fun playlist on, and create a vibe, it won’t be that bad. Trust me, the payoff is worth it. I used to be terrible at mean planning because I never knew what I had in the house so I would overbuy things or forget things, which led to giving up and ordering in. I’m here to help you dodge that bullet. Keep reading to get my best tips. 

Set yourself up for success

I have tried to streamline the process as much as I can for you by creating the Clean Eating Grocery List for your reference. Every week you’ll review the recipes you’re going to make (you can use mine or your own), and review the Clean Eating Grocery List to ensure you have the things you need to execute. One of my favourite tactics is to buy in-season produce as much as possible and build meals around those ingredients. When buying fresh produce, keep in mind it doesn’t last very long. So if you aren’t making your recipes within 4 days, you might want to wait until you’re ready to cook that meal. 

It doesn’t take long to meal-prep, but you will want to spend some time thinking about when this fits into your week. I usually stick to the same day each week so it’s part of my routine and worked into my schedule. Sundays usually work best for most people so you’re stocked for the week. 

Meal prep tips: 

  1. It’s very important to stock your pantry with the basics so you have what you need to create most recipes. Think spices, stocks, and anything else you like to add. 
  2. Decide which recipes you’re going to make ahead of time and get the ingredients. 
  3. Schedule time to do it. It’s typically a two-hour process from start to finish. 
  4. Stock up on reusable containers. You’ll want these to stack your meals in your fridge. 
  5. Know where to cut corners. If you hate prepping veggies, buy them pre-cut or frozen to eliminate a step!


Good luck! I know you can do it. And as always, if you have any questions, reach out to me on Instagram or through email. I’m here to support you.

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