Tips for a better sleep

The Best Habits for a Better Sleep

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Do you get enough sleep? I am definitely not a morning person, but the nature of my job has made me adapt over the years. And to supplement that, I’ve adopted some important habits to help me sleep better.

For the longest time, I didn’t get near enough sleep to replenish my body. Which I told myself it was okay — as I pushed through on days that I was super tired. Newsflash to younger me: NOT GOOD.

Sleep is the time your body not only rests but also repairs. It is so, so, SO important to allow yourself this time. With all of the changes in the world in the past year, I definitely had a few moments of getting out of my routine. Watching one too many Netflix episodes… Having one too many glasses of wine… And just generally being out of my routine. I know I’m not alone in craving some “normalcy” in my life, so why don’t we all start small and go from there?

Part of my system for a good night’s sleep starts with my sleep hygiene regime. I do this five-six days a week to keep my body in a good rhythm, and I’m grateful for these habits. 

Easy Habits to Adopt for a Better Sleep

1. Establish a routine. Try to get yourself ready for bed around the same time each night. Dim the lights — I light candles when it gets dark — and play chill music to wind you down. 

2. Avoid screens for the hour or two before bedtime. This will signal to your brain its time to wind down. Take this time to read, journal, stretch, or meditate instead. 

3. Avoid Caffeine after 4 pm — and try to limit alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol can affect your ability to fall asleep, and the overall quality of your rest time. Try herbal tea or sparkling water instead! My top choices for tea are chamomile or peppermint.

4. Try essential oils. I put mine in a diffuser and turn it on when I get home at night or as I make dinner to start my relaxation routine. You can also use a spray or a few drops of your favorite one on your wrists or in a bath.

I hope this helps! I encourage you to try to get more sleep this month! When we are well-rested, we can better show up for ourselves — both physically and mentally. 

Sweet dreams!




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