30 Day Inspiration Challenge with Jenna Maxwell

The 2021 JMF 30-Day Inspiration Challenge

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And here we are in May! It’s been a long winter. Although spring is usually a time for new habits and routines, I think it’s safe to say that inspiration is hard to find these days… Well, I have a solution for you! On May 15, I’m launching a 30-day Inspiration challenge. The challenge runs May 15 – June 13 and is free to join. You can take part for the full 30 days or whatever time you can commit to. But keep in mind that you’ll get the full impact with the 30 days!

The 2021 30-Day Inspiration Challenge

How will it work? Each week you’ll receive a schedule (make sure you join my email list to be included). The schedule is an outline of each week’s activities to get you going. Some activities will be physical (with cardio and core as our focus), and some will be new habits to try and hopefully sustain throughout (sleeping more, drinking more water, etc). There will also be a bit of self-improvement homework each week to inspire you to shake things up and get outside of your comfort zone. 

I hope you choose to join us. This is a new type of challenge for me and I’m excited to share it with you. It’s time to get excited and feel inspired again!

xo Jenna

P.S. Until then, be sure to follow me on Instagram @jennamayefitness and check out my blog for some pre-challenge inspo.

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