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Spring Transformation: how to make lasting changes in your life

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Spring is a great time to start new habits and routines. As with all the seasons, it’s one of transformation — in spring’s case, things start to bloom, the days get longer, and the sunshine makes you feel more optimistic and motivated to move.

Transformation is something I had never given much thought to until I became a trainer. My favourite way to look at it is through the analogy of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. We can all feel ugly before we feel beautiful — or unworthy before we feel worthy. The important thing to remember is that change happens slowly over time. 

As a trainer, I have witnessed hundreds of transformations over the years. This evolution starts with clients changing one thing: their fitness level. And it always becomes about more than just the number of reps getting higher or movements becoming more advanced. Why? Because when we make a positive change in our lives, it leads to other positive change. And most importantly, confidence.

How did my clients gain that confidence? They decided to take care of their bodies, and they hired me. I’m not afraid to say that I’m good at what I do. But I’m just there to steer the fitness ship. Everything else is all about you and the decisions you make for yourself on the fitness journey.

From caterpillar to butterfly

I have watched people who previously felt unathletic join sports teams. Clients who have felt unworthy gained confidence and made more positive change in their lives. People have left bad relationships or jobs, moved cities….the list goes on. 

I feel that the biggest reason why my clients achieve transformation is that by changing their fitness level they change their perception of what is possible for themselves. As I always say, it’s about mindset. By choosing themselves and taking care of their bodies, they diminish limiting beliefs. 

We are all capable of change, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes you spend forever thinking about something before you start. And that’s okay. Not everyone is a bandaid ripper. You need to feel ready to take action — but remember that even a small step towards change counts. Those small steps add up quickly! 

Don’t overcommit

I find people often build up change into a huge thing they want to see happen quickly — and end up overcommitting as a result. For example: instead of committing to working out one-to-two times a week, someone might commit to five workouts in the week without considering the logistics. Or how sore muscles will be if the body is going from little-to-no workouts to several. This can be discouraging.

Pilots earn their wings. So do butterflies. Both go through a lot to achieve flight, and it doesn’t happen immediately. As you aim to earn your fitness wings, start slow. Schedule your workouts — treat them like important appointments. Most importantly, if you have to cancel one, reschedule it. Be accountable to yourself.

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning as you will observe, is in your imagination.” — Napoleon Hill

Roll with it

Change is a funny thing. Sometimes transformation happens so fast you don’t have time to think about it — all of a sudden you’re forced into a new reality (COVID). Other times we hem and haw for what feels like forever before we take action. But how we choose to roll with the ebbs and flows of it all guides our way. 

If you have felt a bit off your routine the last few months, I encourage you to take the first step back into fitness. If you’re unsure where to start, book a 15-minute virtual consultation with me. I would love to help you set up your fitness routine for success!

It’s time to spread your wings and fly.



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