The Importance of Leg Day.

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Just in case you guys didn’t know already… I love leg day. There’s something about having a sore bum and legs that makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something solid. But I’ve noticed that not a lot of people love leg day as much as I do. So I thought I’d share a few bonus reasons to love leg day, in hopes that it’ll inspire you (and who knows, maybe it’ll become your favourite day too!)

1.Your body burns more calories on a leg day workout than working any other muscle group.

Why you ask? Because leg muscles are large muscle groups, and if you do exercises like squats and lunges they burn more energy than exercising smaller muscle groups (I’m looking at you, arms!)

2.You’ll speed up your metabolism.

Because your legs consist of the largest muscle groups on your body, the energy they burn when they’re toned will help you burn more calories in general — helping you lose weight and look leaner all over.

3. You’ll become a better athlete.

The power generated from your lower body is essential for nearly every sport out there. Whether you want to sprint faster, jump higher or swim farther, having powerful legs will help you level up in the sport you love.

4. You’ll be less prone to injury.

Leg exercises help to stabilize and strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees and hips.

5. Your bum and hamstrings will look amazing.

The more muscle you build in those areas, the more defined your lower body will look.


There you have it, folks! These are just a few of the reasons for why I love leg day. If you need any extra motivation, turn on a playlist you love and join me next time I post one on Instagram! Your body (and your booty) will thank you.


Until next week,


Xo Jenna


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