I am so appreciative of Jenna’s approach to fitness at any age. She has created an atmosphere that is welcoming to all; whether you are trying to get back to working out after a hiatus, have never really committed to a fitness program or if you are just looking for a new approach.

Her group classes are welcoming, fun and always challenging. I always leave feeling re-charged, refreshed and happy I made the effort! In fact, I honestly regret missing a class when I can’t attend!

Jenna’s personal training sessions are supportive and personalized to your needs. She is encouraging and has helped me gain confidence in my abilities to push beyond what I thought I was capable of. I can truthfully say that I can attribute my energy level and strength in large part to my work with Jenna.

Laurie – Age 62

I always valued my health and fitness, but struggled to find an exercise routine that stuck. I started working Jenna 8 years ago, initially doing one on one sessions and more recently the group classes. Jenna has a unique way of mixing up the workouts to keep it fresh and challenging, and after all this time she still pulls out exercises that I’ve never seen before. I also use Jenna to target specific training needs depending on upcoming events such as marathons, mountaineering expeditions etc. Since working with Jenna, I’ve maintained a level of fitness that I never achieved before, which has in turn improved my family, social and work life. I would recommend Jenna to anyone looking to take the first step in improving their lives.

Alan – Age 38

I’ve worked out all my life but, due to osteoarthritis, had begun giving “muscle work” a pass. My uh-huh moment? Trying to lift a suitcase into the overhead bin on an airplane. Oh-oh, I thought, my shoulder muscles are in dire need of attention. I always appreciate the “tailor-madeness” of the sessions. Jenna always has fresh and innovative ways of challenging my body. I never feel like we’re revisiting old ground. I feel stronger. Also, Jenna is a connector—plus being a very warm, inspirational, “with it” human being.

Joan – Age 65

Before meeting Jenna, I was in a fitness rut. Due to a lower back injury I felt slow and unstable and was intimidated by the classes offered at other gyms.

Once I started going to Jenna’s circuit classes, I was hooked! The classes are challenging, but not intimidating, and were exactly what I needed to kickstart my fitness routine. That was three years ago, and I’ve been training with her ever since.

Jenna creates a supportive and upbeat environment (her playlists are awesome!), where there’s always a solution. As a kinesiologist, she’s extremely knowledgable, and always willing to modify an exercise to make it safer or more accessible in order to help you build your strength.

I can truly say that training with Jenna has changed my life. I’m no longer worried about my old injury, because I know we’ve worked together to build up the strength I need to do the things I love.

Amanda – age 34

When I hired Jenna I was struggling with lots of structural issues, I was in pain most of the time and not functional (pain walking, sitting, lying down and during exercise). I was sick of this constant roller coaster of feeling injured and not strong enough. I never believed I could get strong and be functional again. Now 51 I feel strong and competent with my exercise routine. I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life because of these workouts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that difference in my life.

Kristen – age 52

Before I started seeing Jenna I was pretty lost going to the gym, aimlessly doing random exercises. Jenna helped me find a focus and purpose in my workouts by creating a program tailored to my personal goals. On top of that, her group classes are an amazing way to get a good quick workout when I’m looking for a bit of variety outside my normal gym routine. If you are struggling to find consistency or purpose in the gym Jenna will help put you on the right track.

Ira – age 32

I had been working with a “trainer” & my back got very bad. Everything she did seemed to make it worse. I had to take over a year without any weight training whatsoever. I was advised that when I was able to train again to hire a trainer with a kinesiology degree. You dropped into my lap like a gift from the open skies.

My strength had increased exponentially in the time I’ve been training with you.

The classes are a great “add on” for anyone who otherwise trains be it with you or elsewhere. They are very well priced. Each station generally offers a tri- level of fitness so that everyone who comes can enjoy the station & challenge themselves at their level.

At my age, with a greater luxury of time, fitness ensures a quality of life that allows me to enjoy the rest of what life had to offer.

Ellen – age 60

Personal training with Jenna has been an absolute pleasure.

Although it is hard work, I feel that Jenna works hard to connect with her clients. With her background in kinesiology, I feel confident that she knows what she is doing and can help me meet my goals. I like that the exercises are always different and not too repetitive which keeps it interesting. Jenna is very generous with her time and knowledge and best of all, I feel great!

Susan – age 59

JennaMaye Fitness brings together the perfect combination of an inspiring environment, inclusive atmosphere, motivating team, and fast moving, varied classes that deliver effective results. It’s been over a year since I’ve been working out at JennaMaye Fitness and not only am I the strongest and most fit I have been in a long time, but I have a renewed sense of self-confidence to try new things and push past pre-conceived notions of my physical abilities. I highly recommend trying a class at JennaMaye Fitness!

Monique – age 41

I started training with Jenna a few months ago. I was reluctant at first because trainers can be expensive, and I’ve heard stories about people not happy with their trainers for various reasons. I sought out a trainer because I wanted to lose weight and get back into shape. After much research, I found Jenna’s method the most appealing, something I could stick to. She gave me sage advice on day 1, forward 3 ½ months later, 25 lbs lighter with an increased energy level, I’m now convinced, she is worth every penny.

There are so many personal trainers out there, so what makes Jenna different? She is a true master of her craft. It’s not just a job to her, she truly loves what she does. She’s caring, dedicated, energetic, motivating, & attentive. She knows what your limits are but at the same time, knows how to challenge you to always strive to push your personal boundaries to new heights. Jenna takes the time to tailor make each workout session that are fun, challenging, results oriented, that will renew confidence in your body and lift your spirits – Going to Jenna’s is my favorite day of the week!

Amanda – 29 forever

JennaMaye is true fitness professional with a very personal touch.

She is a fully qualified kinesiologist and PT who is excellent for both personal fitness and rehab.

I have been training for many years and whether you are a beginner or an old pro I can recommend her with great confidence.

Jake – Age 74 (believe it or not!)

Two years ago I arrived at Jenna’s with a back injury, wanting to work out but scared to re-injure myself. With Jenna’s amazing guidance and her trust in my ability to heal, and my perseverance with weekly training and circuit classes, my back is almost 100%, and I am in much better shape. I tell Jenna I plan to keep coming to train with her for the next two decades at least!

Janie – age 61

I came to one of Jenna’s classes on a friend’s recommendation, and can honestly say it changed my life. I had never felt welcome in a fitness environment in that way before, and the community she has cultivated with her genuine, authentic and supportive personality and training style is truly unique. Jenna is a true motivator and invests time into planning her classes to make working out fun, challenging, and effective – from her thoughtfully appointed & clean space to her music choices, and most importantly, fun & well thought out classes. I truly could not recommend her enough.

Jessica – age 32

Jenna has changed my life. When I met her I had chronic injuries and pain walking, sitting and laying down. I’m now able to do any activity without pain. She always meets me where I’m at and yet finds a way to challenge my edge. Through doing this with her calm, confident and highly skilled way, she’s built my confidence. I turned to her the other day and said, “I’m athletic!” when I’ve never believed that to be true in my life. She keeps things interesting by providing a mix of exercises that are fun (ok not always!) and challenging and she’s done so in a way where I’ve never been injured in her hands. I’m so grateful to her for giving me my body back. She’s the best trainer I’ve ever had.

Alison – age 51