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A Daily Journal Practice to Spark Creativity

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I recently started reading a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and it’s all about figuring out ways to add more creativity into your life. My wise new friend Julia says that in order to retrieve or spark creativity, you need to find it. And one of her suggestions is to write three pages in the morning — every day. (And I’m here to say that I recommend doing the before you do anything else… Like, check your phone. Write first.)

Daily journaling to spark creativity

It can be meaningless, but she suggests writing directly and strictly from your stream of consciousness. For example: “I had a weird sleep last night, I think it was because of this… Today I am excited about this because… At some point today I have to do this…” The things that go through our minds every day. 

Grab your glass of morning lemon water and write the three pages. Whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t have to sound smart; there doesn’t need to be a point. It is simply an exercise to get you out of your head and focus on your thoughts. Here’s the important thing: Don’t re-read your pages. Just move on. This is you decanting your brain like you would a good bottle of wine. If you can’t think of anything to write, jot down “ I can’t think of anything to write,” and do this until you have filled three pages. Somewhere in there, you might find inspiration to write something else. 

This can initially be a difficult exercise — especially the focus part —  but here are some guideposts to help you on the way to your freehand journaling:

  • How your job is going
  • Recent dreams from sleep or the things you dream of doing
  • Things you miss from pre-COVID times
  • Special people in your life

Think outside the box. Maybe pull from your gratitude journal. I guarantee you this will start to become fun for you, and I encourage you to keep this journal going for the length of the challenge. And beyond! Because you will start to see and feel the space you’ve opened up for other things to come your way. Like a new idea, that spark of creativity, or a change in perspective. You’ll also eventually notice that you feel different and are more open to the abundance you deserve — and who doesn’t want that?!

(Psst! It’s ok if you miss a day but do your best to keep the schedule.)

As always, I’m here to support you. Feel free to reach out with any questions. xo


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