Tone Your Arms

How to: Tone your arms

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Here we go. I’m about to give you a foolproof plan that I guarantee will give you toned, strong arms. If you follow these steps, your arms will 100% look like Michelle Obama’s, and you can call it a day!


I wish there was a simple formula that worked for everyone, but it’s not exactly that straightforward… Why, you ask? Because we were all given these wonderful unique genes that we have to work around. While some people put on muscle quickly, for others it takes a lot more work. But if you’re looking to build some long, lean muscle tone in your arms, I’ve seen this plan work for everyone who’s tried it!


One quick note – I’m writing this guide as a plan for ladies. If you’re a man looking to add some size to your arms, dm me for recommendations!


The Women’s Arm Plan
  1. Work your muscles together in super-sets. If you watch my Instagram stories, you’ll notice that for women’s arm workouts I often pair 2-3 complementary exercises together. This will give you muscle endurance and tone, without adding bulk.
  2.   Always work your larger muscles first and your smaller muscles second. An example of this would be to do a chest press and then follow with a triceps exercise.
  3. Less is more! Use less weight, but do more reps. My recommendation would be to stay within a 15-20 rep range, and do at least 2 sets for every muscle group.
  4. Add exercises like mountain climbers and planks into your workouts. Not only do they strengthen your arms, but they’re also a great way to work your core and abs! Just make sure you keep a tiny microbend in your elbows. If you lock your elbows, it will minimize the tone you get through your shoulders and triceps — not to mention how hard it is on your joints.
  5. Do more cardio! The less fat you have on your body, the more toned your arms will look. Women tend to carry more fat on their body in general, and it’s common for muscle definition to hide underneath a layer of body fat.


Well there you have it, ladies! These are my top tips for toning your arms up for tank top season.


Keep following my workouts, and remember that it’s usually the exercises you find the hardest that will give you the best results!


Until next week,


Xo Jenna


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