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Get Inspired with the Nine Types of Rest

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What’s your Enneagram number? Mine is 8. (From NineTypes.co: Eights are motivated by a need to protect themselves and to avoid vulnerability. They have a keen understanding of their own intuition, and they tend to trust their gut to lead them through life. They are truth-tellers and highly justice-oriented: they will always stick up for the underdog.) I feel I’m more than just this one number — we’re all a composition of the nine types — but it’s pretty much me in a nutshell. I follow Enneagram coach Stephanie Hall’s social and blog and I was recently reminded of her Nine Types of Rest. Wait… rest? What is rest? Ha.

The types of rest and why we need them in life.

Seriously, though. Rest is important. Aside from sleep, my favourite example of this is to take a break from a problem, project, etc when your creative juices just aren’t flowing. Feeling stuck isn’t fun — so in these moments, it’s time to refocus. To give your mind a rest is often when that glorious lightbulb moment of clarity or inspiration will occur. It’s an amazing feeling to have that ‘a-ha!’ moment.

And just like our Enneagram personality types, everyone’s version or type of rest is different. Stephanie’s nine types of rest are as follows:

  1. Time away
  2. Permission to not be helpful
  3. Something “unproductive”
  4. Appreciating art and nature
  5. Alone time to recharge
  6. A break from responsibility
  7. Stillness to decompress
  8. Safe space
  9. Alone time at home

These are all in relation to the nine Enneagram types. But related to fitness, these are all excellent ways to allow our bodies to relax or learn something new. The only way your body can replenish or recharge is with rest. Your muscles can’t develop without downtime. Rest is the yin to the fitness yang.

How will you rest today?

Nine Types of Rest Steph Hall recapped by JennaMaye Fitness

Credit: Stephanie Hall, Nine Types Co.

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