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Why Sugar is Worse For You Than Cocaine

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Well…well…well…that got your attention didn’t it? Let me explain how I came to this opinion on sugar: In university I took a biopsychology course that blew my mind. Although it was ridiculously difficult it was worth it because it was also ridiculously interesting and has been super helpful throughout in my life and when coaching clients. In this course, we …

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Do you believe in magic?

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Do you ever have those moments in life that make you think: how did I get here? When you look back on the sequence of events that led you to the life you are living today, do they line up? Do they make sense to you? Do you believe it was all chance that lead you to this moment? Was …

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Meditation: Why?

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I was fortunate enough to work at lululemon in my late teens/early 20s, and through the company was introduced to many things: yoga, goal setting, giving and receiving feedback, accountability, visualization and meditation being just a few of them. When I was first introduced to meditation in a yoga class I have to admit I thought it was pretty “out …

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“According to Shepard (1979), self-acceptance is an individual’s satisfaction or happiness with oneself, and is thought to be necessary for good mental health. Self-acceptance involves self-understanding, a realistic, albeit subjective, awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses. It results in an individual’s feeling about oneself, that they are of “unique worth”. In clinical psychology and positive psychology, self-acceptance is considered the …

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Gluten: the dirtiest word?

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  Yes, I know a few of you are already rolling your eyes. I think we are all a little sick of seeing  “gluten free” on almost every conceivable product. Since when do we care, and what the fuck is gluten, anyways? Allow me:   Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat. The grains that contain …