45 minutes of re-energizing strength training and cardio for all levels.

Our Method

We are a community of people looking to get stronger — inside and out.

I am here to encourage you to be excellent, and to incorporate fitness into your life as the habit that changes your life. Use my method to uncover your strength and the energy to live, love, work and play every day.

Come as you are. Leave empowered.

Read Testimonials from our community

Read Testimonials

“I started working Jenna 8 years ago. Jenna has a unique way of mixing up the workouts to keep it fresh and challenging, and after all this time she still pulls out exercises that I’ve never seen before.

Since working with Jenna, I’ve maintained a level of fitness that I never achieved before, which has in turn improved my family, social and work life.

I would recommend Jenna to anyone looking to take the first step in improving their lives.”


Join an inclusive community built around inspiring and empowering our participants

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